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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  January 24, 2013 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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i knew you'd come. like i could stay away. you know i can't do this without you. you'll never have to. you're always there for me. shh! i'll get you a rental car. i could also use an umbrella. fall in love with progressive's claims service. >> and then there's this. the cleaning fairy struck again. i didn't know there was one, either. this cleveland area woman has been heard from before. her name is suzanne warren. cops arrested suzanne warren last year after he broke into a house, cleaned it, and left a home opener a bill for 75 bucks. at the time she said she wanted to do -- wanted something to do. apparently warren is still looking for something to do because she has taken to shoveling sidewalks and driveways. somebody spotted warren cleaning snow away from homes and called
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the police. officers arrested her again. this time for an unrow lated warrant. sounds like those guys who used to clean the windshields when you would be going through the holland tunnel. and then demand money. >> with menace. >> indeed. that's it. the dow is up. up 5 or so and could suit sew is captioned by closed captioning services inc. >> quit this charade and just be done with it. today fox on top of a hearing that is so over the top and lately hearings that have been so over the top, it is a wonder we do them at all. >> mr. secretary -- senator, in this respect -- [laughter] >> i thought this would be quick. >> i have a sense of
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clairvoyant. >> i can't think of anyone better. >> i applaud you and thank you for your willingness to serve our nation and look forward to you serving as secretary of state. >> a daunting challenge, and i think there's maybe a handful of people in the nation who do and it you're one of those. >> welcome. i'm neil cavuto. unless john kerry pulls a silly was he can wall into his new office now. expected to easily get confirmation to run the state department but with scant discussion of our screwups in the state department. and it's not just hillary clinton getting it yesterday. it's almost as if everyone is looking at the threat facing thousands of americans and saying, it's no threat today. that worries former top diplomat casey mcfarland. it is the stupid of them. >> good to have you here. >> thank you. >> what do you make of this? >> a great opportunity.
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why? yesterday's especially, and even today, the focus is not on the problemmed of the future. especially yesterday when i grilled secretary clinton. it was talking points and timelines and stuff that really -- that train has left the station. we need to focus on the next four years, because if we don't, the bus will come off the trolley and secretary-to-be kerris going to have a hard item with the spread of terrorism in africa. hostage taking throughout the world, a nuclear iran. north korea will have long-rangl the other things happening with the economy, with china. >> you wanted him to talk about that kind of stuff and he didn't. >> none of it was about that. and the american people -- we deserve some explanations here. yesterday, with secretary clinton: why have you not got
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an anybody who dead the benghazi attacks? we now know the same people are right out in the open admitting they did it. they're in algeria. we just had a warning today there's potentially another attack coming against westerners in benghazi. the second question, why did you fail to secure could -- gadhafi good's weapons before toppling him. those are the weapons we're seal all over the place, and the third thing i'd like to get some answers for, how are you going to protect all those american civilians who are staying behind after american troops leave the region. >> a good thing you weren't asking questions. we give a lot of money to this region. what are we getting for it? >> very little. that's one over the big problems with foreign aid. i like and believe in foreign aid. i think it's a lot better to buy friends than kill enemies but it isn't buying friends. look at egypt. antiamerican leadership now running egypt. egypt is a basket case
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economically, and yet egypt is now talking about even abrogating a peace treaty with israel. egypt is allow thing sinai peninsula, the no man's land to be populated by al qaeda terrorists? we're selling and giving egypt military assistance, aircraft, and economic economic way stance. the same thing with regard to libya. the same protecting the people who killed our people -- >> ron paul says those it. >> i'm happy to get something for it but i don't believe in giving and it giving and giving. look at pakistan. we gave pakistan $2 billion a year and said to them, here, have this money, find bin laden. what did we do? we are getting -- they were never going to find bin laden. the minute they found him they lost the two million. so the tail shouldn't be wagging the dog when it comes to foreign
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assistance. >> thank you very much. after the bluster, the bs, the benghazi hearing moving into a debate over security funding. >> the funds provided by congress were enat quit. >> for the past two years ago the also meteorologist's meteorologist's for diplomatic fun has been slashed. >> congress has consistently given less. >> mullins and pickerring says that money was and is in the budget is very important and makes a difference. >> i would ask this committee to work with us. there are holds on the security funding going to libya. >> but the numbers tell a very different story. funding for embassy security in the region has actually been spiking and is expected to remain high. brett, that became the best sort of defense becoming offense. it's all the republicans' fault.
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>> it was interesting. most of the democratic lawmakers, that was the talking point. they focused on the funding question. despite the fact that back last year, when sharlene lamb, who was in charge of the security situation in benghazi, answered the question numerous times, was funding a problem here? and she said, no. no, it was not. she was asked by cockman rohrabacker, it's been suggested that budget cuts are a part of the problem. the question was asked any lack oft brought that led you to not increase the number of the people at -- benghazi. the number has doubled over the last six fiscal years, and it has decreased slightly over --
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as you can see, in the past few years but the requests are coming from the state department. and when you look at tripoli specifically, there is a little bit of a decrease but about 1,000,300 noun and nothing specially earmarked for benghazi. so it seemed like it was bit out of place when talking about the security situation in this particular instance. >> what was curtailed. general consulate funding issue? >> you have a broader issue here, and clearly going forward, protecting these facilities in the wake of this attack and the wake of what, is going to be a security situation in north africa and a lot of different places around the world, is going to be stepped up. yes, money is going to make a difference because you're going to have a lot of soft targets
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that need to be hardened. but currently the money needs to be shifted around, according to many lawmakers. they have the money to be able to do it. just needs to be deployed differently. >> do you think anything will come of these hearings? >> boy, i tell you, neil, there's a lot of frustration about, one, how the questions were asked yesterday. there's just frustration the was a lot of grandstanding and not a lot of pointed questions getting the bottom of things, and, two, that there weren't answers to some of the major things. where are the survivors of the benghazi attack? by some account there are dozens of people who left benghazi, who have stories to tell. we know at least secretary clinton talked about one person still in walter reed. we haven't heard from any of these people. meanwhile we heard from the algeria hostages while the thing
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was still going on. there's a lot of things that we still don't know about this attack, and it's been a long time. the question is, do people want to know? we'll continue to cover it. obviously here, but capitol hill doesn't seem to want to purr suv it as much as -- pursue it as much as everyone else. >> do you think hillary clinton is lying about, who cares, will bit her in four years if she wants to be president? >> you could forsee -- jay tapper said he could see it as a political commercial down the road. i could see that, too. it was a moment a lot of people touted as a pushback, a forceful pushback, and i heard some people characterize it as a great moment for her. others said, it was really not a great moment, and could be
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perceived as not a great moment if you're one of the four family members who lived through that moment in the wake of the benghazi attacks. so, politically, this thing is a hot potato, and it could go either way. and republicans are are look at that. democrats are looking at that. the bottom line is there are still many unanswered questions with benghazi, and the question is whether we'll ever get to the bottom of what is actually happening. rand paul asked a really interesting question about guns and whether they were being moved. secretary clinton didn't have an answer to that and said she would take it for the record, as with a number of questions, taken for the record. >> wonder the union guys are throwing punches. maybe they looked at their declining ranks. for some people this is just pigskin and thread.
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union numbers are tanking and now union boss are cranking. blaming budget cutting governors. some we questionable behavior for the past year. is it time for unions to look in the mirror? they say they should look in the mirror. >> unions really need to take a good, hard look in the mirror. they're a failing business model. unions have been a failing business model for the last ten years, and what is happening is when unions demand that workers get paid out of whack wages it kills jobs, drives states and companies to the verge of bankruptcy. we have businesses -- the latest suicide victim of the unions and we have fors in states like wisconsin, and indiana, saying, guess what, we cannot continue to pay you these
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outrageous wages that are funded by taxpayers. we can't do it and we're not going to do it. i think that's the direction the country needs to move in especially when you look at the high unemployment. hostess, -- the demise of hostess cost workers 18,000 -- over 18,000 jobs, neil. it's a broken, busted model. >> i'm sure you agree, carolyn. >> well, i would say that with the decline of the unions has come the decline of the middle class and has made it very difficult for our economy to recover, and the fact is that union wages are 10-30% greater than nonunion wages and this is an alliance between the government and corporations to demonize the labor unions, starting in the 60s if of -- with union busting and now the state level, 24 states passing right-to-work laws where people are paid yes. yes, there is slight job growth but these are not living wage.
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so who has the broken business model? >> who has the jobs. >> carolyn, there's a reason why in right-to-work states people are paid -- what did you say 2-30% less than union workers? >> you no what dells excuse me, carolyn, didn't interrupt you. >> you just laughed during my segment. >> i didn't. because what you're saying is outlandish, when we have historic unemployment, and in right-to-work states, there are more jobs and a better quality of living because we don't have these these artificially inflated health benefits. >> who caused this unemployment? that was the financial sector tanking economy. >> when is president obama going to take responsibility for this economy. let's to -- >> what happened in 2007 when he was in the senate -- >> i want to go back to hostess. neil, hostess had to deal with nearly 400 collective bargaining agreement west virginia the bakers unions and that amounted
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to 80 different healthcare plans and then 40 different pension plans, and what everybody knows and research shows is that states are on the verge of bankruptcy because they have three trillion dollars of underfunded pensions, thanks to public sector workers. >> in the case of hose success, i will say this, there were him in -- nimrods running the country, and ran it into the ground. >> doesn't help when you have to deal with 400 different -- >> might be a point about that. carolyn, he we are with wages out of walk with the wrying right to work states. how are people going to get jobs if the governments see that and realize they want cheaper jobs? >> well, neil, would argue that we have seen productivity go up and wages go down so i would challenge the fundamental function it's okay to pay nonliving wages. it destroys the middle class.
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the middle class is the back bone otherwise the economy. the fact this recession has gone on so long has a lot to do with the fact we don't have much of a middle class anymore. so if we want to look at this in the larger picture and long term, then labor unions are what we need. their decline has led to the decline he the middle class and hurt our economy tremendously. >> well, we had janitors -- in wisconsin, what we found out is we had public sector worker janitors being paid more than people with college educations. i don't think that's acceptable this. auto industry -- the reason why it went in the toilet and goes there every 25 years is because we're paying people above wages for the jobs they're doing. there's a reason why toyota has plants in the united states that are not union and they're doing well and workers are happy. in the long term workers want job. >> the end run is that there aren't jobs for union guys but there are for unions.
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the craving for pork on capitol hill is growing. >> a supporter of appropriate responsible, fair ear marks. >> any such thing? the senator says fat chance, next.
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>> just call at it pork chop amid calls in the house to bring back earmarks. two senators are pushing to wipe
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them out for good. claire mccaskill and republican pat toomey introducing a bill that would ban pork permanently. the move is got knot getting widespread support in this latest session. senator? >> good afternoon, neil. >> what do you make of the resistance here in congress? >> well, you know, it's going to be a battle. always is. but we have made a lot of progress. last congress, senate republicans adopted a moratorium and the democratic senators responded in kind. for this congress the senate republicans have a moratorium. we haven't heard from the democrats yet. so i'm worried about backsliding. earmarks are an abuse of -- avoidance of the way taxpayer dollars ought to be protected. and then, of course, they've just escalated totally out of
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control. so, we're going to have to keep working. we have some new members who will be supportive of this. ted cruz from texas. i'm cautiously optimistic. >> they call them something else. >> that happens sometimes but there's no question the number of ear marks dropped enormously in the last come with the moratorium in place. there wasn't a single ear mark anywhere? i cooperate guarantee that but there were thousands and thousands of these in individual bills before we got this moratorium in place. now you got scrub hard to fine a single one. so i want to make this ban permanent -- >> in the case of sandy, it was chuck full of them. it got chris christie very upset because the greater good -- >> we're in a new congress, and that is a danger.
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you're absolutely right. this is why we need to have a legislative ban. the american people get this. they don't send people to congress anymore to see how much you can spend. they want to see how much we can save. people get we're in a bad place fiscally, and wasting money on these indefensible projects has to end. >> are you troubled that message didn't get through to the president? only mentioned deficit once in his speech. never mention edit at -- debt at all. >> there wasn't enough message about economic growth. certainly nationalment over the overspending. this president doesn't think we overspend. that's a very sad and very difficult situation, but, hey have to do what we can in congress. if we can avoid sending in bloated bills, it's hard for him to insert things in. we have to fight this on all fronts because we're not on a sustainable fiscal path and we have to get there for the sake of our economy and the future. >> you're in a minority in the senate and chuck schumer talking about a budget but one that will
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have more tax increases in it. >> one of the good things is, it's hard to do things like that in the senate if you don't have a preexisting law that does that for you. so i think we're done with the revenue discussion. now it's about getting spending under control, and i think republicans are going to be united on this. i hope very united. because we need to save this country from the fiscal ruin that awaits us if we stay on this road. >> what do you think has happened to your fellow republicans. like they lost their backbones? >> i don't know about that. neil. i think that -- when i talked to my fellow senators, there's a really strong resolve to make progress on this front. we got big battles coming up. i think we have to make sure the savings of the sequester stays in play. and win the continuing resolution expires in march, we have to make sure a continuation
1:28 pm
doesn't occur. i think my colleagues on the other side of the aisle will be engaged in that fight to preserve those things but we'll be battling a president who wants ever more spending. so, we'll see how it plays out. >> we will, senator, thank you very much. >> thanks for having me. >> fresh from hosting an inauguration where beyoncé lip- synchs our national anthem. but she is very beautiful. the other guy --
1:29 pm'd it go? well, dad, i spent my childhood living with monks learning the art of dealmaking. you've mastered monkey-style kung fu? no. priceline is different now. you don't even have to bid. master hahn taught you all that?
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oh, and he says to say (translated from cantonese) "you still owe him five bucks." your accent needs a little work.
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chuck schumer is digging in on tax hikes. house republicans trying to punt on spending cuts, or at least tee lay them, and nobody is doing anything about the debt that grows every day. so afraid of losing their jobs, they're not doing their jobs. it's enough to make charles payne sick you. don't like this. >> absolutely not. i think the debt ceiling punt was the latest example of this. the president says, if we don't do this the market is going to implode and congress puts its tail between it legs. i haven't heard anything from s&p or moodies who say we want the debt ceiling to go higher.
1:33 pm
everybody watching this show who has cut back 0, government has to learn how to do the same thing. it's cowardly in washington to continue to hide behind the notion that we're going to collapse overnight as a nation if we don't keep spending ourselves to death. >> i agree. congressmen have basically sent a message that today is not the day we're going to stop spending our children's and grandchildren's money, and charles is exactly right. the reason why our credit got downgraded is because of our out of control spending and out of control debt. the fiscal cliff deal even we just witnessed, it's such -- added four trillion dollars to our deficit over the next ten years. so, congress is not serious about reigning in spending and that's exactly when the we need to too. >> but they're not doing it. >> they're not doing it. and it neils hunky dorie. that's just it.
1:34 pm
>> the markets aren't. >> the markets are hunky doory for a few reasons. it's pause of the global economy. markets went up and will continue to go up. global peace. valuation, all these things play a role in the market that has nothing to do with domestic economy. wall street is happy about washington stalemate. they know we have a ticking time bomb with the debt situation but know it won't blow in 2013. >> i think always wall street likes government help. it's good for them. >> well, money going into the system is great. japan said we're going crank up the printing presses and wall street loves it. wall street, very shortsighted. they're worried about how much money they're going to make tomorrow. everyone knows washington, wall street, that we do have a ticking time bomb. the fact of the matter is we can all stick our hands in the sand and wait for it to blow but that's not what we elect leaders
1:35 pm
for. >> i want to macthe point that the gao -- president obama's personal government odd it doctor -- odd it for says if we don't have a century plies 1's ogdp right now, over the next decade we're going to be running the same gdp to debt ratio we have now if we don't start running a surplus of 1%. that's the only way to see the same debt to gdp ratio we have now. so when the president's personal auditor of the government is saying we have a spending problem, we do. >> i don't like when they say the percentage of gdp is not that bad. >> or say we'd have before after world war ii. >> that was different. we didn't have competition and china nipping out our heels or russia and are brazil. and they say look at japan. yeah, look at japan. two decades of lost productivity. a country going down the drain.
1:36 pm
i'm glad they elected the guy they just did in japan, the citizens and companies own 90 mrs. of their debt. it's not china that opens their debtor the fedes printing fake money. it's difference. people are actually believing what they're doing and put their money with their mouths are, they're not going to ask for the money become overnight, but even with that being the case, we still see how detrimental spending in japan is. >> what about the tax hikes, more to come? >> well, taxing our nation roz job creators is not going to create more jobs. these are the jobs that my generation is going going to need to pay down the debt mitchell generation will be spending our prime years pga massive taxes to pay down the debt, and -- or to pay towards entitlement in interest payments alone. so, taxing our nation's job creators is not going to solve anything. >> e. >> the irony is barack obama got that young vote joe e
1:37 pm
overwhelmingly. >> he was able to say it's' a good thing you're staying in your mother's basement until you're 27 years old. ask him at 27 when they're out to there for the first time hit the bricks, any job experience? no. any experience? >> i lived in a basement for a while. we're becoming a welfare foe site. they're calling out our natural instincts and it sounds great and sells well to young people. ultimately it's not a gift, it's can curse. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> in the meantime, if she lip synchs, he lied. and his girlfriend was fake. count me fried. ♪ ÷÷
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♪ and the home of the brave ♪ the brave [cheers and applause] >> new reports are beyoncé put the lip sync on. sources claim the singer didn't have enough time to rehearse with the marine band, and the fake girlfriend and lapses lies about doping. is anything real? here's a psychology expert. >> you think it's weird? i think this race long time coming. we created these franken-celebrities and they
1:42 pm
feel this need to live up to this level of pesk -- perfection, and if they do anything human they have to apologize it would be okay okay beyoncé would say, it's cold, i didn't resears, but she felt the indiana to lie, even though the entire marching band, who was there, and she made them complicit in her lies. >> making look real, ripping out her ear piece. >> that's what entertainers do it's enter tape and it's okay to just entertain. brittany does it. jennifer lopez has never sang a note live in her life. it's okay. she is still entertaining. >> why do we accept that? >> we shouldn't. i mean, we do because i think we don't really think about -- we're so used to this cycle of, do something wrong, apologize, then do the big comeback. why do we allow the comeback? we should stop and say, if you're lying to us, you're a
1:43 pm
liar. why are we going to say you're not going to lie further? >> do you think it would have been good if she and the marine band, given the weather ask the cold, a lot of this stuff can be on tape, depressant think people would mine. >> no. whitney houston did it at the super bowl. it's perfectly okay. but what is insidious is this feeling they can't say that. they can't say, i'm not going to sing live. lance armstrong couldn't say early on, i'm doping, we all do it. it took him all these years later to admit something we all knew, and that's the thing. we know. we're not stupid. >> i wonder if it breaks trust when people talk in washington, we're on top of this spending problem, but they're not. we're going to get under control, but they don't. >> i think it breaks trust more to lie first and apologize later. if cow come clean free the beginning and say, it's hard to
1:44 pm
explain, but here's what it is. that's a celebrity i can get behind. now i feel like beyoncé is dog the super bowl halftime show. i'm assuming she is going to lip synch that? >> do you think she should say that ahead? >> i don't care. she is a great entertainer. just entertain my. if you sing live and you're terrible and you're flat, you can hear about it from us. so you can't have it both ways. >> people understand it. they know the weather, the elements, know what you're up against. >> i don think so. >> real? >> no. we've created franken-celebrities. beyoncé needs to sing good. lance armstrong needs to bike good. so they're walking a very fine line. we're really a very unfair audience in that way. >> do you think it all started when celebrities started getting singing names, ma dope in
1:45 pm
beyoncé. >> i think so yes, but single names mean we know you better. i call you neil, you call me cooper, actually i call your mr. cavuto but in the real world i would call you neil. >> beyoncé is no peter. >> that's the thing. so, does that one name thing make them feel god-like and like they have to do things and be something other than human? >> all right. she has cooper with an accent mark on it. that's it. >> she went automobile to find the love -- went automobile to find the love her life and now she almost lost her life. she is looking for someone to pay. to compete on the global stage. what we need are people prepared for the careers of our new economy. by 2025 we could have 20 million jobs without enough college graduates to fill them.
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>> this is weird. point, click, kill. a las vegas woman says man she met through tried to do just that. after mary kay beckman ended an eight-day relationship in 2010, she says this man returned months later in an attempt to take her life. stabbing her ten times. claims doesn't do enough to warren customers there may be people on its site like this and is now suing match for $10 million. ills the dating site to blame? s to she have a case? >> i think she has a legitimate claim against the web site. this is a very extreme case and it's the kind of case that can produce results. yes, she is suing them for $10 million. what she really wants is for to do a better job
1:50 pm
screening its subscribers and notifying its customers that this is possible. of course everybody assumes some risk when they join a site like this, but they should let their customers know that these kinds of extreme situations are not just possible, they're realrealist, because it happened to her. when i heard about this story, i did a little research and learned in 20:11 another woman who had been on the site was raped by a man, and she sued the site. they refused to too anything. initially they put out a very strongly worded press statement, said there's nothing we can do. she said, all i want you to too is cross-cheek these people with the national sex offenders registry. three days after she filed the suit that what they started doing. >> we woo this guy have come up? >> this gentleman would not have. he did not have a criminal history. but i'm sure there are other people on this site that would. and if people are paying money to the web site, they should be getting a little better
1:51 pm
protection. >> all right. mash put out a statement: this is about a sick, twisted individual, no prior criminal record. not an entire community of men and women looking to meet each other. what do you make of that? >> this is an awful, awful case, but is not there to protect the users. what you pay them for is for them to put in all your information and come up with their mathematical matches, and hopefully they can help funnel people together that are going to get along and have a wonderful lasting relationship. happens sometimes, sometimes not. we have to use commonsense when we're talking about these web sites. when i heard about the story and knew i was talking about the topic, i read their user information. it's five pages, single years, saying we do not do background checks. we do not verify the information. >> should they? >> in a perfect world, they should, sure, but that's not what they're paying for. when you have a site with
1:52 pm
15 million, i believe, users, it's not a realistic possibility, and just like when you meet someone in a bar or supermarket, we have to use commonsense. >> i have to respectfully diva grow. it's different than meeting somebody in a bar there are so many other products where companies like make money, for example, tobacco, alcohol. there are prominent warnings, notices to the consumer, this could cause death, for example in the case of cigarettes. >> do they say that? you could be -- >> not quite in that way. not quite as strongly worded. >> they've got to cover themselves. we don't know. >> why can't they take one affirmative steph to cross-check their subscribers -- >> this wouldn't ha have done any good. >> but there are going to be instances where it would make a difference, and it seems to me a very small effort, if you apply for a job they run your background check. >> new york says you have to
1:53 pm
look at the sex offender data registry. do we want the government trying to regulate everything we do including now whether we choose to go online? >> this is not the government. this is a private industry. >> in new york, -- where is this going? here's a site hat says, we are who we are, hook up with whoever you want, be careful. >> i think the site serves a legitimate purpose. plenty of people who find love and long-lasting relationships as a result of the site. it's the positive aspect of the internet and i don't think this extreme case is reason enough to do away with the entire site. >> do other site does this? >> all have very explicit user agreements. some of them do on their own conduct criminal background checks but most do not, because of the numbers. >> hard way of weeding out a nut if he or she is answering the questions correctly. they could be lying. >> s' a lot of people do, but
1:54 pm
this guy would not have come up on any check. just wouldn't have. so you cannot protect everyone all the time unfortunately. >> that's the bottom linement you're on your own. >> you are. be careful, be safe, be aware this can happen and be responsible. >> do you thick it scares women, hearing an incident like this and won't use these sites? >> i think it's a scary world to be dating in no matter how you try to meet member. when you're dealing with somebody online you don't know them. >> you see a face on the computer screen but you don't know what you're going to walk into when you meet them in perfect, but use your commonsense. >> after the fawning, where the heck is -- i don't know -- ♪
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♪ ♪ >> neil: finally, have you guys been watching the hearings? the one for john kerry today, to become secretary of state. the ones yesterday with hillary clinton, on what she knew and when she knew it about benghazi and secretary of state? wow! leaving aside they're not really hearings, it's justlitic, what did we get out of hillary clinton yesterday and john kerry today once they did their limited talking? two words. not much. here is why. the process is stupid. it's really stupid. think about it. each congressman or senator is limited to usually five minutes. three if it's getting late. of questioning. that's it. democrat. republican. democrat. republican. back and forth. so really not much time for followup. even if the guys who would just shut up. because aggressive republican questioner leads way to the gosh, hillary, how do you do it? and hope to see you in a few
1:59 pm
more years doing something else. democratic questioner. so there you go. the foe, then the fawn, the foe, then the fawn. back and forth. it's just me but if we are going to have a kangaroo court, could we get better at bouncing it around? i don't know. republicans compare notes and say something like okay, joe, you grill her on the cable she said she didn't read. bob, hit her on who did the state department did read them? democrats do the same thing. barbara, you say she is the greatest leader since joan of arc and diane compare her to jesus christ himself. capice? this wasn't inquiry. more like a try-out for "american idol." clinton and kerry address the latest subjects but they are not the only one. i have seen it play out many, many times. like when ben bernanke goes to the circus every time he has to speak before committees. i keep looking at these folks taking in all those questions, wondering what they make of the questioners


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